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We offer a unique and tailored experience to help you through your pregnancy and adoption process.

It’s about you.

Other adoption agencies or law firms will most likely have you sift through hundreds of parent profiles to pick adoptive parents on your own. After awhile, the profiles start to all look the same. Many birth mothers prefer to be guided in this process and we are here to provide you with professional, personal, sensitive and unbiased guidance. We know that being faced with an unplanned pregnancy can make you feel very isolated and alone. Our commitment is to provide you the support you need and be there with you through every step of the process.

I can’t speak for all birth mothers or every situation, but I love my life and my family. I don’t know why my birth mother decided to do what she did, but I do know that I’m grateful she did it…I wanted to give back not what was given to my parents, but what was given to me. I wanted to be part of creating a family not by the will of some strange fate, but by my own will.

— Susan Lynn Ferguson, Birth Mother and Adoptee